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Wednesday Web Tip                    January 7, 2015


Only 352 Shopping Days Until Christmas!

Whew! The holidays are over. Now you can slow down and take a break from all that stressful marketing hub bub. Maybe, but don't get too relaxed. Smart marketers know that is it important to concentrate on building a strong relationship with their customers all year long. They do not wait until a few weeks before Thanksgiving to market their business for the holidays.

How to build a strong customer relationship? An up-to-date website, e-newsletter and Social Media are just some of the ways to let your customers or potential customers get to know you and what
makes your business, product and/or service unique. 

Of course, it is still important to have holiday marketing campaigns at the end of the year. People are looking for ideas and expect the special deals.  However, these efforts will be more successful if they are building on a year's worth of conversations with your customers as they get to know, like and trust you. And that can mean more money in your pocket.


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