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Wednesday Web Tip                    December 17, 2014


Happy Holidays


As 2014 comes to a close, many of you are reviewing the events of the past year and making plans for the future. I hope you are doing that with your website as well! 




Some questions to ask: (These are probably similar to the questions you will be asking about your business in general.)

  • What worked the best about your website?
  • What doesn't seem to be working as you had hoped?
  • Is your website up-to-date?  
  • Do you have a plan or schedule to market your website?
  • What changes would make your life easier?

If you need help with any of the above, just give me a call!


This is my last Wednesday Web Tip for the year.  I want to wish you a happy, healthy holiday season and a prosperous 2015! Thank you for being a subscriber.  I appreciate your comments and feedback. Feel free to suggest topics or questions you would like answered. I look forward to keeping you informed in the coming year!  




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