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Wednesday Web Tip                    November 2014


Thanksgiving at the Automat

It is almost Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays. I came across this video recently and it reminded me of some long ago Thanksgiving Day memories. 


After college, I moved to New York City, attended The School of Visual Arts and lived the life of a Bohemian artist, or something like that. It was a fun and exciting time in an amazing city. I loved the Horn and Hardart Automat on 42nd Street. To me it was the perfect blend of Art Deco, pie and strong coffee.   


One Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fun to celebrate with dinner at Automat. So some friends and I did! It was a bit past its prime by then, but it was still quite an experience. Instead of buying dinner out of the little glass doors, we stood in line and the food was dished out to us. And there was live music and free beverages. Quite a diverse crowd to say the least. A great memory! Sadly, it closed not long after...       


Check out the video below. Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! 


Just Drop it in the Slot; a Look at the Horn and Hardart Automat and its Legacy

Just Drop it in the Slot; a Look at the Horn and Hardart Automat and its Legacy



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