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Wednesday Web Tip                            January 8, 2014


Add Email Marketing to your Marketing Mix 


I am passionate about Email Marketing!

It is easy, affordable, direct, time-sensitive and highly effective. It can solidify existing relationships, start new ones and convert your one-time visitors into long-term customers.  


Plus, you spend less time and money than with traditional marketing and you have more control over who gets your message than with Social Media.


I have been sending out a newsletter since 2004! As I started this one, I had to wonder, "Is Email Marketing is still relevant in this world of Social Media Mania?" So I did some research and the answer is a resounding YES!


One study by Marketingland shows that 77% of us still want to get marketing messages via email, with no close second - not even Facebook.


Many Social Media pros believe using Email Marketing and Social Media together gets the most results and is the best way to ensure that you're reaching everyone in your target market.


"Mediapreneurs" (entrepreneurs who create media online; i.e., blogs, podcasts, web tv shows, etc.) are using Email Marketing in a big way. David Siteman Garland, one such mediapreneur says, "The trend is NOT overtly encouraging people to follow you on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc., on your website, but instead making sure folks subscribe via email."


And if you think Email Marketing is only for old fogeys, he points out fellow mediapreneurs: Marie Forleo, Chris Brogan,  Social Triggers and his own site The Rise To The Top. No old fogeys there!


Bottom line, your email list is one of your biggest assets. Start the year out right and make it a priority to build it and use its power.


As one Email Marketing expert wryly pointed out, you can't even sign up for Facebook without an email address!    



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