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Wednesday Web Tip                           August 20, 2014


Design Bloopers


Designers often use placeholder text to help show what a design might look like when finished. A colleague sent me this post from the Elezea blog (a blog about technology and  design), "What happens when placeholder text doesn't get replaced."  


It shows design bloopers that result when this temporary text is still there when the website goes live or the news article gets printed.  


On a serious note: the last sentence of the article about "content first, then design" is so true. Clients often think I can just work up a design while they get the content together. Doesn't work. They either are not motivated to get the content together and the project stalls; or when they do, it changes the structure of the website and I'm back to square one. Learned that the hard way.


Another article from the same blog puts it this way:


"If we design before we have content, we effectively create the packaging before we know what's going to go in it. And if the content doesn't fit the package, there are only two options: start from scratch, or try to jam the content into the existing package. We don't want that."


Even more important:


"But it's not just about making the design work. Developing the content first allows us to be much more strategic about the words we put on the page. It gives us the opportunity to start with user and business goals, and make sure our content meets those goals."


That is what good design is about. It is not about making things pretty, it is about making things work. It may not be the easiest way, but it sure is worth the effort.





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