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Wednesday Web Tip                            October 2, 2013


What Makes Your Business Special?

You are not just a store or a restaurant or a service. Every business has something about it that makes it stand out from the rest. What is your something?

Why should someone buy from you when there is so much competition out there?


You look at your business everyday and probably take some things for granted. Think like your customers and potential customers. 

What are they looking for and/or what problems are they are trying to solve?


Look at your business through the eyes of your customer and then create a website with their experience in mind. Make it about them.


Because, if your website does not speak to your customer, no amount of traffic to it will get you the business or sales you hope for.

Here is a wonderful and inspiring TRUE story about the spirit of customer service. It will remind you that even the smallest things can make a great impact. Watch this short video - it will make your day!



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