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Wednesday Web Tip                                    April 3, 2013

The Value of White Space



"White Space" is a design term that refers to space that is not occupied by text, images, or other visible page elements. White space doesn't have to be the color white, but is does have to be space. When used properly, it is a fundamental part of page design and usability. It can determine whether or not a page is enjoyable and easy to read.


Too little white space is like the rude guy at a party who talks too loud and invades your personal space. A web page with too little white space makes visitors feel uncomfortable because the page seems cluttered and hard to read. Visitors will get overwhelmed and want to move quickly to a more welcoming site.


White space provides breathing room. The content feels structured. Visitors to websites tend to skim when they read, so white space is important because it makes information easier to find. Page layout works with the content to emphasize the most important points.


A good design includes white space as an intentional page element. Your pages look more legible, attractive and professional - key components of a successful website!




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