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Wednesday Web Tip                                     January 16, 2013
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Scammers try to bill you for services you don't need. 

DNS Services Scam  


We already know about disreputable domain registration companies, like Domain Registry of America, that send fake renewal notices.  Over the past few weeks, several of my clients have asked me about "invoices" they have received from DNS Services, a company in Vancouver Washington. I received one myself. 

This new scam, aimed at small businesses that have their own websites, is a  solicitation (complete with the fine print disclaimer), but appears very much like an invoice for $65. It has an account number, correct identifying information and a bottom portion to detach and send along with your check in a handy return envelope. DNS Services is trying to trick business owners into purchasing services they did not ask for and do not need. 
Here's what it looks like. Throw it away!

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