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Wednesday Web Tip                                  August 21, 2013


Lorem Ipsum Can Be Fun!

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When I am in the layout stages of designing a website, I often use something called Lorem Ipsum.


What is it?

Lorem Ipsum is simply "dummy text" composed of Latin words. It has been used by the printing and typesetting industry since the 1500's when an unknown printer scrambled type to make a specimen book. It has survived all these years and is now also used in such things as desktop publishing and website design.


Why do designers use Lorem Ipsum?

Because it makes us look really, really smart. (Just kidding.) Lorem Ipsum resembles the normal distribution of letters so it looks like readable text. This makes it easier to focus on the overall layout presentation and not be distracted by the words.


Where does it come from?


Lorem Ipsum generators can be found on the Internet. You just specify the amount and size of paragraphs you want and it will be generated for you.

What's so fun about that?

Some very clever designers put together a collection of Lorem Ipsum generators with themes! There are fun subjects like cats, cheese, cupcakes and vegetables. Also beer, bacon, zombies and pirates. There is also a Charlie Sheen generator which is a little disturbing. My favorite, of course, is coffee. They can be found here at Meet the Ipsums.  


Check it out! Have fun! 


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