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Wednesday Web Tip                                     July 3, 2013


Ever wonder if you should be using Social Media to market your business?  


My last Web Tip newsletter gave a snapshot of how  many people use Social Media. This time I share some thoughts on how you can use Social Media to reach out to your target audience.

Because the majority of web users are social, it makes sense to reach out to them.  How? 


It's easy:

Facebook:  An Hour a Day
LinkedIn:  An Hour a Day
Twitter:  An Hour a Day

Google+:  An Hour a Day
Pinterest:  An Hour a Day


Just Kidding!  You don't have to do it all.  Even the Social Medial experts agree that it is better to pick just one, or maybe two platforms to start.


Research which ones make sense for your target audience and the time and resources you have to spend.  


Commit to your choice by making a plan, including a schedule of when to post.  Remember also to allow time monitor and follow up on any comments, questions or problems. 


Trial and error will be part of the process.  Starting slow and building from there will give you a better chance at successful results.



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