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Wednesday Web Tip                            October 2, 2013


Marketing is Not the Same as Selling

This past weekend I held a workshop for artists on Marketing Your Art at the Market Street Art Center. A major point I talked about was the difference between selling and marketing. 

Marketing is not the same thing as selling, although selling something may be the ultimate goal. 

Selling is a transaction.  Hit the PayPal button and you own it. 

Marketing is an ongoing process that involves:

  • Communication  
  • Education     
  • Relationships    


People do business with people they Know, Like and Trust. And this can take time.  


You want to: 


  • Communicate the full array of products and/or service you offer,
  • Educate on your value - what makes you special,  
  • and Build Strong Relationships - so they will buy from you again  and again.  



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