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Wednesday Web Tip                                     June 19, 2013


Ever wonder how many people use Social Media? 


I recently read an article in eMarketer Daily which provided a picture of the "who, what, when and wheres" of Social Media usage. Their graphic below shows the breakdown of total social network use. Their source was a recent study by Burst Media.   



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Some Key Findings in the Burst Media Study:

  • It's no surprise that Facebook is a clear #1. The percentages between women and men are more even in the younger 18-34 age group, and the divide becomes more pronounced as ages rise.
  • Two-thirds use desktop computers or laptops to access their personal social media accounts. Smartphone and tablet use is growing and currently makes up one-third. Younger respondents and those with incomes of over $100,000 were more likely to use smartphones or tablets for social media interactions.
  • 58% of respondents use their social media accounts at least once a day. 30.1% of women and 26.4% of men check in several times per day.  22.3% of respondents check in at least once per week.

You can read the complete (easy to read) study by Burst Media here. What does it say about your target audience?    



What does this mean for you? 


The majority of web users are social. It makes sense to reach out to them.  How should you do that?  I have some thoughts on the subject in my next newsletter.


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