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Wednesday Web Tip                                     November 7, 2012
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How a Hurricane Made Me Love Facebook 

I know that not long ago I wrote an article entitled, "I Hate Facebook" and I admit FB still irritates me on a daily basis. But the recent events with Hurricane Sandy have made me appreciate Social Media in general, and Facebook in particular.


I have friends who have children living in New York City, Brooklyn and New Jersey. I am sure they held their breath waiting for their kids to post an update on Facebook, because they knew they would, and of course they did. Then the updates went out to friends like me, who were also concerned and waiting to hear about their safety. 


One such "child" is a remarkable young woman name Amanda. Amanda, and her equally remarkable friends, organized a grassroots donation campaign to benefit New York City's hardest hit areas. Their goal was $3000 in 24 hours. The money raised would be used to buy much-needed supplies at local businesses and transport them to the hardest hit areas of New York City. On this past Saturday, they assembled and delivered 500 lunches to The Rockaways. They made a repeat trip on Sunday.


Lunches waiting to be delivered to The Rockaways.
Lunches waiting to be delivered to The Rockaways.

To date they have raised over $7000! Locally, people are donating things like warm clothes, blankets, canned food, flashlights and batteries, lanterns, paper products, and baby stuff (diapers, formula, food).

Amanda tells her story:


"We're still accepting donations, even though we said it was a 24 hour thing.  We just couldn't stop.  


When we were in Rockaway, people told us that what they really need is help. They want people in their homes helping them rip out drywall and scrubbing tiles and such. We've pretty much decided that we're going to use the money donated to buy a few staple tools (chainsaw, powerwasher, etc.) and organize weekly trips - one to Rockaways, one to Staten Island, as long as we can afford it, to offer helping hands to neighbors in need.  We aim to eventually have a way for families and businesses to register their need, and for volunteers to sign up for trips. This way, we won't get in the way of what Red Cross and Salvation Army can offer in terms of food and housing, and we won't be providing items that the insurance companies could really be covering, but we're providing what no one else will - able bodied people.  


We're certainly not the only ones doing this - people from all over NYC are doing this, and it's really amazing."   


So not really a tip this time, just a whole lot of inspiration... 


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