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Wednesday Web Tip                                              April 4, 2012
I will be sending a quick Web tip to you on the first Wednesday of each month. The tip will be short, important to know and easy to implement.


Beware of Font Salad
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Not all salads are good for you.


I've mentioned in past newsletters how it is important to break up text to make it easier too read. A good way to do this, for example, is to use bullet points or bolded text.


But beware of font salad! This is an often used design mistake where pages mix a variety of typefaces, sizes, weights, colors, etc. The attempted goal is to be creative, but the result is usually hard to read and can look tacky.


It is best to choose one, maybe two fonts. I know that you don't want your site to look boring, so you can use different sizes, weights or colors to logically organize information. This will make your site more interesting and easier to read at the same time. 



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