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Wednesday Web Tip                                              March 7, 2012
New in 2012! I will be sending a quick Web tip to you on the first Wednesday of each month. The tip will be short, important to know and easy to implement.


Analyze Your Competition


Be honest - you know you keep tabs on what your competition is doing. You should! But it is best to be objective while you are doing it.


Try this - actually get on the computer and move around your competition's Web site. See what works, and what doesn't. Compare it to your company and Web site. It is very helpful when a client goes through this process. Sometimes we go through it together.


Whether you are creating your first Web site or re- designing an existing site, this process of analyzing "the competition" will help you:

  • solidify your goals
  • learn about your target audience
  • define what makes you different

With this information, you will have a strong foundation for building or re-designing a successful Web site.


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