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Another Wednesday Web Tip                          October 24, 2012
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crazy socks and sandals Does Your Website Look Out-of-Date?

I went through my clothes closet last weekend. I love the Fall weather, plus I don't want to get caught off guard when it turns cold and starts to snow. I was in a ruthless mood and got rid of more than half of what was in there. My closet was full of things that didn't fit or were no longer in style.  


I want to be up-to-date, but can sometimes be clueless when it comes to fashion. I fall into the habit of wearing what I always have in the past, simply because it is comfortable or I don't what else to do.  


Do you do the same thing with your website?  

  Here are a few things that will make your website look out-of-date:

  • Old content - obviously, but you already knew that. Regular updates will encourage people to visit more frequently, and is good for SEO too.
  • Pages with black background and white or florescent yellow, lime green or purple text - This was in vogue about 10+ years ago. It is still maybe ok for rock bands or young target audiences. Anyone else will get a splitting headache. Trust me.
  • Hit counters - Nothing screams amateur like a hit counter. Hosting companies provide basic web statistics with more useful information than just hits (which is not what you should be looking at anyway). Check out your hosting company provided stats. Some have simple glossaries to help you understand the terminology.
  • Music - Be careful with music. Don't forget some people may be looking at your site at their workplace, without anyone knowing - until the music starts. Same goes for videos - don't have them auto-play.
  • Long flash intros or excessive animation - See Pages with black background, etc. above... 
  • No sign of Social Media will make you look out of touch.

What will make your website contemporary?

  • Up-to-date, relevant information
  • Clean, simple pages
  • White space - or if not white, then just space
  • Intuitive, consistent navigation
  • Quick load time
  • Links to share your content, for example links to Social Media, Blogs or E-mail Marketing

You don't always need a complete makeover to keep your website current. Things like good content, clean pages, quick load time and easy to understand navigation are classics that never go out of style. Accessorize with Social Media and you can look like a million bucks!   


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