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Wednesday Web Tip                                               January 4, 2012
New! I will be sending a quick Web tip to you on the first Wednesday of each month. The tip will be short, important to know and easy to implement.


Your Email Signature Can Help You Market Your Business


Your email signature makes it easier for people to reach you and your business. It should include whatever contact information you want the email recipient to have - your name and title, company name, phone number and website, for example. Most people already do this.


Go beyond your name, phone number and website. A great way to bring traffic to your Facebook page, Blog or Twitter account, etc., is to include links to these as well.


Some experts say to keep your email signature to 6 lines maximum. I say use however many lines makes sense for you, but don't get carried away. Keep it simple, professional and easy to read.


Use basic, legible fonts. Black or dark type is best. Don't mix a jumble of different fonts, sizes or colors. Graphic images can cause problems because different email clients handle images in different ways. The recipient may receive your image as an email attachment or it may help direct your message to the Spam folder.


I think an email signature looks best when aligned to the left.  Leave a little space between your email signature and the body of the email message. Of course, proofread it carefully for spelling and punctuation errors.


It is good to have several email signatures available to use if you have more than one target audience. In addition, a short version is good for replies and ongoing email conversations.

Your email signature, when done correctly, can be as important as the message itself!


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